Welcome to the site of the historic
(and infamous) Cascadia Hotel!

Cascadia State Park is the location of the old "Cascadia Soda Springs".
Since nearly the turn of the century, wealthy and influential folks have visited
this area to partake in the naturally occurring soda water.
At one time, there was quite a resort area (now occupied by Cascadia State Park) where,
for a healthy "stipend" some could avail themselves of what was thought to be the natural
healing powers of the soda springs.
Near 1917, the Cascadia Hotel was established, adjacent to the "resort" so that the "common man" could partake of the luxuries.
The Cascadia Hotel was often a rough and rowdy establishment, complete with two bars,
a huge fireplace, and an ample supply of "Painted Ladies"!

We were fortunate to be able to come into possession of the slightly less than one acre
of property that encompassed the old hotel, overlooking the South Santiam River, with
the western edge of the property divided by Cabin Creek

The Cascadia Hotel was destroyed in 1962, after falling into disrepair. All that remains
are the Laurels that framed the entry, the decaying ruins of the massive fireplace
(it kept the partiers warm, if the Ladies failed), a hundred year old (or so) Maple tree,
and the fountain (that we have yet to restore).

The last owner was kind enough to build a wonderful covered bridge
(spanning Cabin Creek), several hand split benches and railings, and a hand hewn
water wheel (about 25 foot in diameter).

Although I have been informed that the "Painted Ladies" are most certainly
"OUT OF THE QUESTION", rebuilding the bars is still not a bad idea.

Cascadia State Park can be reached by either crossing Short Bridge (a wonderful covered
bridge built in 1940), or by a newer, but very impressive single lane bridge.

Please feel free to look at our pictures, and see our "Little Bit of Heaven"!

Short Bridge
Short Bridge (standing inside)
Short Bridge (railing)
Bridge into Cascadia Park
Entering the park
Our Covered(?) Bridge
Lower Camp
The bridge (from the East)
The bridge from the south-west
Standing on our bridge
The "olde" Water Wheel    
One of our "cabins" (from below)
Our bridge (from above)
Some trees (I like this picture)
A view of our riverbank
A place for tents
Our picnic area
The Maple
Another view of Lower Camp
Another view of the tent sites
Looking down on the Santiam River and Cabin Creek (notice the water wheel in lower right)
Our Maple (again)
The path to the picnic!
Just some old "Red-neck" Hippy